Casello’s core strength comes from its people. With decades of combined experience, the team bring an unmatched level of quality to every facet of Casello’s service.


Founder & Managing Director

With an illustrious career spanning over 34-years, Mark is a dedicated and experienced professional in the field of property development and construction.

Mark has established himself as a trusted figure, collaborating with leading national and multi-national head contractors on some of Melbourne’s most renowned projects. His expertise and project portfolio encompass diverse sectors, including commercial, residential, educational, healthcare, and hospitality.

As the visionary Chairman of CasCorporation, he founded and oversees three renowned brands; Casello, CasConstruct and CasUrban, all epitomising excellence. Mark, a registered Commercial Builder and Domestic Builder in Victoria boasts a Diploma in Construction Management, certificates in Business Management and Carpentry/Joinery, showcasing his extensive expertise.

His passion for exceptional results fuels his leadership, shaping the industry’s landscape. Mark’s unwavering commitment, paired with vast experience, solidifies his legacy as a transformative leader.


General Manager

Embarking on a remarkable 26-year journey in the construction industry, Vince in the position of General Manager at Casello, wholeheartedly embraces his role.

Setting his foundation in construction through completing a Bachelor of Construction Management with Honors at Deakin University, he began cultivating his expertise in contract administration and project management with Tier 1 contractors, arming himself with the skills to lead Casello’s carpentry and cladding subcontracting operations.

Vince’s leadership is characterized by nurturing a culture of problem-solving and client collaboration while implementing a linear management structure that empowers the team to excel as astute thinkers and industry leaders.

Vince is deeply committed to staff development, mentoring and retention, recognizing that Casello’s collective strength lies in their unity and shared commitment to their company values and vision. Together, they continue to build success at Casello.


Construction Manager

Jon is an experienced Construction Manager with an impressive 24-year tenure in the industry.

Armed with a Certificate 3 in Carpentry and a Diploma of Building and Construction, his journey at Casello spans over 19 years. Commencing as a skilled tradesperson, he climbed the ladder to become leading hand, Project Manager and now Construction Manager.

Having contributed to the successful delivery of over 200 projects, Jon leads by example, fostering a collaborative environment where individuals work with him, not for him. His ‘boots on the ground’ mentality, honed through diverse management roles, keeps him hands-on across all project aspects. In his extended Casello family, Jon ensures growth from within, nurturing a skilled and united team capable of executing intricate designs and builds.


Chief Financial Officer

Cheryll has 15+ years’ experience in financial leadership.

She excels at steering Casello Group Pty Ltd as a multi business unit entity including carpentry, cladding and labour hire, through complex financial landscapes.

Her expertise lies in meticulous financial reporting and statutory compliance management.

As the head of the finance team, Cheryll oversees preparation of management accounts, subsidiary ledgers and a large EBA and salaried payroll for the group. Cheryll’s strengths include strategic financial planning, where she aligns cutting-edge financial software and job costing systems, ensuring Casello is at the forefront of project management and financial reporting. Known for her financial acumen and innovative problem-solving, Cheryll ensures the company’s financial processes are streamlined and optimized, making her an invaluable asset to the organization.


HR & Social Procurement Manager

Paula is responsible for overseeing compliance, safety, and well-being in the workplace.

Paula skillfully develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure adherence to regulations and standards.

Identifying and addressing safety hazards, Paula nurtures a culture of well-being and employee engagement. Paula’s responsibilities encompass policy development, compliance assurance, hazard mitigation, well-being promotion, training provision, incident response, social procurement and stakeholder collaboration. Her pivotal contribution lies in cultivating a secure work environment, upholding compliance, and placing employee well-being at the forefront.


Project Manager (Cladding Remediation)

Chris is a dedicated Project Manager at Casello, whose journey began as a Carpenter in 2008.

Since joining the Management team in 2014, Chris has exemplified an open-minded approach, becoming an integral part of Casello. His passion for the construction industry drives him to deliver multiple large-scale projects concurrently. Chris’s commitment goes beyond typical project management; he actively engages with clients, stakeholders, and shareholders, providing innovative solutions for design and functionality. His proactive efforts ensure projects are not only completed on time but also within budget. Chris’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his ability to navigate challenges make him an integral part of the Casello team.


Business Development Manager (Cladding & Remedial Works)

With an impressive career in the industry spanning over 20 years, Sam is our Cladding, Re-Cladding and Remedial Works Business Development Manager.

Sam has honed his skills through various Cladding roles including qualified Roof Plumber, Estimator and Project Manager.

His expertise lies in identifying and cultivating strategic business opportunities, particularly in the realm of cladding solutions. Sam’s deep industry knowledge, coupled with his extensive experience, allows him to navigate the complexities of construction projects effortlessly. He is instrumental in forging valuable partnerships and driving the company’s growth trajectory.

Sam’s dedication to innovative solutions and client satisfaction makes him a driving force behind Casello’s continued success in the industry.


Procurement Manager

Chris is a proficient Procurement Manager with a robust 17-year background in the construction industry, including an impressive 9-year tenure at Casello.

His journey within the company has been diverse, starting from on-site roles to becoming a skilled site supervisor, progressing through to estimating, contract administration and senior contract administration positions.

Well equipped with a foundation in high-end domestic projects, Chris holds qualifications in engineering, advanced diplomas in building construction, and construction management. His multifaceted experience and educational background uniquely position him to excel in his current role as Procurement Manager. Chris’s extensive industry knowledge, coupled with his hands-on experience, allow him to navigate the complexities of procurement seamlessly, ensuring Casello’s projects are supplied with high quality materials and services efficiently.


Contracts Manager

Tom is an adept Contract Manager with a decade-long tenure at Casello.

Armed with a Bachelor of Construction Management, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Leading a team of five Contract Administrators, he excels in project financial administration, managing tasks from progress claims and variations analysis to claims resolution and project documentation setup.

Tom’s diverse project portfolio includes hospitals, prisons, high-rise apartment towers, commercial office buildings, level crossing removals, and recladding projects. His keen understanding of project requirements, coupled with his hands-on experience ensures seamless project execution. Tom’s ability to navigate complex challenges, coupled with strong leadership highlights his vital role in driving Casello’s success.


Estimating Manager

Will is an accomplished Estimating Manager, with over a decade of dedicated service to Casello.

Will leads a team of four Estimators, focusing on meticulous tender preparation and submission tailored to client expectations.

His responsibilities extend to formulating expressions of interest documents and maintaining comprehensive labour and material costing schedules. With a rich background as a qualified Carpenter with a Construction Management Degree, Will combines hands-on experience with academic knowledge. This unique blend equips him to deliver precise cost planning and identify value management opportunities, ensuring Casello’s clients receive unrivaled insights and exceptional project outcomes.

Rose Ann

Senior Draftsperson

Boasting an impressive 15 years in the construction industry, Rose Anne is a highly skilled Senior Draftsperson.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the Philippines and a Specialist Diploma in Construction Management from Singapore, Rose Ann’s expertise encompasses design, drafting, and a project coordination of architectural marvels like façade glazing, cladding, roofing, and ceiling works.

Her proficiency in diverse design software amplifies her ability to innovate. Notably, during her 8-year stint in Singapore, she managed prominent cladding and glazing projects, including an airport, MRT stations, and high-rise buildings. Rose Ann’s keen eye for architectural intricacies and her international experience make her a valuable asset in Casello’s pursuit of excellence.


Group Marketing Manager

A driven, energetic and highly motivated Group Marketing Manager with over 20 years’ experience in the Property and Construction industry,

Sheena thrives on orchestrating and driving effective marketing campaigns that significantly contribute to the company’s success.

Sheena has extensive experience in leading marketing strategy across diverse commercial, residential, and mixed-use developments, leading multi-skilled teams to consistently achieve outstanding results. Her ability to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing nature of the industry, combined with her collaborative nature and strategic mindset, positions her as an invaluable asset to any project she undertakes.

We are constantly seeking new individuals who share our vision, and if you’re interested, please email your application to: