Vince Monitto

Embarking on a remarkable 26-year journey in the construction industry, Vince in the position of General Manager at Casello, wholeheartedly embraces his role.

Setting his foundation in construction through completing a Bachelor of Construction Management with Honors at Deakin University, he began cultivating his expertise in contract administration and project management with Tier 1 contractors, arming himself with the skills to lead Casello’s carpentry and cladding subcontracting operations.

Vince’s leadership is characterized by nurturing a culture of problem-solving and client collaboration while implementing a linear management structure that empowers the team to excel as astute thinkers and industry leaders.

Vince is deeply committed to staff development, mentoring and retention, recognizing that Casello’s collective strength lies in their unity and shared commitment to their company values and vision. Together, they continue to build success at Casello.